• KE Gratitude Day 2024............. on June 11th Tuesday @ KE auditorium.........





The pupils of this school are expected to:

  • to participate fully in all the activities of the school,
  • to observe faithfully the school rules of discipline and obey all duly constituted authorities,
  • to cultivate loyalty and devotion to home, school and country,
  • to develop healthy habits of mind and body by constant self - discipline,
  • to acquire qualities of leadership and competency in the art of expression and persuasion,
  • and to strive to be gentlemen and ladies and learn to serve and be helpful to others.


  • Pupils must be in their classrooms by the first bell at 9.05 a.m.
  • On reaching the school the students should form a line and proceed to their respective classrooms in silence.
  • Utilize the morning time for silent study till the bell goes for prayer/assembly.
  • At the second bell, on the days when there is school assembly, all should march to the place assigned to their respective classes on the assembly ground/hall. On the other days they sit in their classrooms in silence.
  • At the third bell all stand up for prayer.
  • At the end of the day before the students disperse, there will be a thanks-giving prayer led by one of the senior class leaders.
  • Show respect to your Principal, teachers, non teaching staff and elders by greeting them.
  • Respect each other and always lend a helping hand.
  • Stand still during prayer and National Anthem, wherever you are.
  • Be eco-friendly; and keep your school compound green.
  • Students in school uniform are not expected to loiter in the shops, hold birthday party or any treat for friends in the restaurants.
  • Be in line and in perfect silence while moving out to the lab, auditorium, chapel and playground.
  • Behave honestly in the examination halls. Malpractices of any sort will be seriously dealt with.
  • On entering the lab and the library, students should keep their shoes on the shoe rack outside. Shoes should not be placed on the carpet at the threshold.
  • Don’t dash and hit against others including teachers.
  • Learn to use polite expressions like ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’, ‘welcome’ etc. as and when they are required to be used.
  • Students are not expected to use notice board as mirror to comb the hair.