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Principal's Message

A walk by the side of Vembanad Lake

When I was transferred to K.E. Carmel school, Muhamma I also had the usual challenges and discomfort of relocation... Muhamma is a beautiful town located on the banks of Vembanad Lake, the largest lake in Kerala. The lush green cover makes it nothing less than a paradise


A walk by the Vembanad Lake was in fact an enriching experience in my life. The cool refreshing air, the soft green grass, the aroma of the flowers and the soaring birds, the hues of red and yellow in the sky against the blue water in the backdrop was a panorama indeed…The bountiful lake impressed me with its beauty, but more than that, the blue water was more impressive. Standing by this lake, looking at the dazzling water made me think about, the” nature” of water.

The thought of water bodies as a home to diverse aquatic beings, starting from the algae to the largest blue whale, was a perfect picture of diversity… but in unison. This can be equated to a school scenario, where we have different students, with diverse skills, ways, backgrounds and personalities. As educators, are we accommodative like the water bodies?

Water flows naturally without opposing changes, embracing all difficulties on its way, going over boulders and rocks, through fields, changing its path .As educators we should not be stagnant, but be like the flowing water. We must enrich ourselves, fight all odds and take different paths for different learners, in this journey of imparting knowledge, illuminating the path of our students. Gurus are the reservoirs of knowledge from which the shishyas draw water of their life. Education should teach the young that life is bound to throw problems ,but they need to flow, rather than resisting changes, in fact find ”their own way” to flow.

Above all, the beauty of lake had a magical effect on me. Standing there, I realized the soothing ,reflecting effect of nature and the message what the great nature poet William Wordsworth wished to convey through his poem “Daffodils” , When the poet ,walked by a lake and noticed a cluster of yellow daffodils ,the magic he felt as expressed in his poem, a walk by this lake gave me newer perspectives of the role of education and also taught me the enduring, everlasting impact of nature. . The vastness of this lake has inspired me more than anything else. In awe, I contemplate the “tranquility“offered by water and the lessons I learnt, are eternal indeed.

Oh, majestic lake, heed to my voice,

Mould me to be my finest self,

so that I can enrich the flock I lead,

Empower me, to find my own path,

and steer my own raft.

Guide me in this voyage of enlightenment,

and let my thoughts flow… like the flow of water.